Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is EPIC?

A1: EPIC, the Electronic Payroll Investing Center, is a free Internet-based system provided to retirement plan sponsors to assist them in managing and monitoring their plan.
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Q2: Why should a plan sponsor utilize EPIC?

A2: Organizations with full access can securely and conveniently submit their participant contribution instructions and payments electronically, and are provided a variety of detailed participant reports. 403(b) plan sponsors can select report-only access, providing access to participant reports as well as the information sharing reports mandated by 403(b) regulations.
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Q3: Can I upgrade from report-only access to full access?

A3: 403(b) and 457 report-only employers/TPAs who desire to upgrade to full access should simply complete and submit a new EPIC Application, along with a voided check, pre-printed deposit slip or account statement. The EPIC Application is available by calling Shareholder Services. You can also email us at
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Q4: What is the difference between an Administrator and a User?

A4: EPIC recognizes that retirement plan sponsors may need to limit the functions performed by some of the organization's employees. This is why we have designated two different types of user access - Administrators and Users. Administrators have access to all of the functions permitted for the organizational access selected, and also have the ability to grant access to Users and designate additional Administrators. Users only have access to those functions authorized by an Administrator.
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Q5: Can a retirement plan sponsor have more than one Administrator?

A5: EPIC can accommodate multiple Administrators. Each retirement plan sponsor must evaluate the needs of its plan to determine if more than one Administrator is needed. The initial Administrator is the authorized individual named on the EPIC Application. Although for security purposes we recommend that the number of Administrators be limited, we do recommend that more than one Administrator be assigned to a plan, ensuring adequate administrative support.
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Q6: How many individuals from my organization can be designated as Users?

A6: EPIC can accommodate multiple Users. Each Administrator must evaluate the needs of its retirement plan to determine how many Users are required. For security purposes, we recommend that the number of Users be limited and that Users be restricted to specific functions.
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Q7: How are Users and Administrators added or deleted?

A7: EPIC is easy to navigate. Once an Administrator is logged into EPIC, the Administrator can assign and revoke both Administrator and User access by clicking on the "ADMIN" button and following the prompts. Administrators may not revoke their own authorization or access.
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Q8: What do I do if I forget my password, or if I am unable to login?

A8: Resetting a password on EPIC is simple. If you have User access, you should contact your plan's Administrator to have a new password assigned. If you have Administrator access, you may contact another Administrator for your plan to have a new password assigned. If you are the sole Administrator for your plan, you may call Shareholder Services, and we will be happy to assist you, or you may email us at
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Q9: Where do I turn for technical support?

A9: Administrators can call Shareholder Services, or you may email us at
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Q10: What steps are taken to ensure participant privacy?

A10: Your privacy and the privacy of each of your employees is very important to us. We use the strictest standards to safeguard the information of your organization and employees. We restrict EPIC access to our employees who need to process transactions and service your account. We also maintain physical, electronic and procedural measures to ensure that unauthorized persons do not obtain access. For additional information concerning our Security or Privacy Policies, please refer to the Privacy and Security Policies section located at the bottom of every page.
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Q11: What steps should I take to increase the security of my payroll information?

A11: You share the responsibility for maintaining the security of your plan information. When you are finished using EPIC, click the logout button to leave the service and close the browser. In addition, you should never share your password with anyone. Our employees will not request this information from you.
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Q12: What if someone learns my password?

A12: If you suspect that someone knows your password, you should change it online. Login using your password and then click on the "ADMIN" button. This will allow you to create a new password. Remember, you should never share your password with anyone. As an added security feature, EPIC is designed to automatically disable a User's password after four unsuccessful login attempts. Once a login is disabled, the Administrator will need to assign a new password. If an Administrator's login is disabled, another Administrator will need to assign a new password. If there is only one Administrator assigned to the plan, then the Administrator should contact Shareholder Services, or you can email us at
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Q13: Will I receive a printed expected remittance advice?

A13: EPIC eliminates the need for printed expected remittance advices. Remittance information for EPIC participants is available on-line so that you can access it at your convenience.
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Q14: How will contributions be sent for investment?

A14: For full-access organizations, FIS will automatically debit the bank account indicated on the EPIC Application for the contribution amount authorized. This will eliminate the time and expense involved in disbursing and mailing contribution checks. Report-only organizations should continue to send contributions by check, or any other method used prior to EPIC enrollment.
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Q15: Will you continue to accept contributions via check?

A15: EPIC eliminates the need for full access organizations to generate and mail contribution checks. Once the pre-notification period is complete, all contributions are funded quickly and securely via the Automated Clearing House. Report-only organizations should continue to send contributions by check, or any other method used prior to EPIC enrollment.
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Q16: How do I submit a new contribution?

A16: Once the pre-notification period is completed for full access organizations, authorized Users and Administrators can log into the EPIC system, input the plan's new contribution information and post a new batch.
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Q17: How do I submit a "Prior Year" contribution?

A17: Participants with certain IRA accounts may need to make prior year contributions for tax purposes. If available, the Roster screen has a column to allow this type of contribution. Simply click "EDIT" under the "Prior Year Contributions" column, and you will be directed to the appropriate screen where you can designate the participant's "Prior Year" contribution.
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Q18: When will electronically submitted contributions be posted to the participant's accounts within the Delaware Funds by Macquarie?

A18: EPIC contributions are posted to the participants' accounts on the date that funds are deducted from your bank account and received by the transfer agent.
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Q19: Will I receive confirmation that my transmission has been received?

A19: EPIC will prompt you to print a confirmation when you have completed the appropriate steps to post a batch. A confirmation number will be produced via the Batch Confirmation page. You should print and retain the Batch Confirmation page for your records.
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Q20: How far in advance can I post remittance amounts?

A20: EPIC offers flexible scheduling and can accommodate remittances within 3 months of the current date.
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Q21: What do I do if I post an entire batch amount in error or for an incorrect date?

A21: EPIC allows you to un-post a batch and modify it at any time prior to the selected remittance date.
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Q22: What do I do if I post a batch in advance and need to make an addition or change?

A22: EPIC allows you to un-post a batch and modify it at any time prior to the selected remittance date.
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Q23: How do I add additional participants?

A23: We will gladly add participants to the EPIC system for you. Participants should work with their Registered Representative to select the appropriate investments and complete the necessary applications. Once we have received the applications in good order, EPIC will automatically reflect the new participants.
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Q24: How do I update a participant's name due to marriage / divorce / legal name change, or correct a Social Security Number?

A24: We will handle all changes to a participant's name or any correction of their Social Security Number for you. Simply have the participant call Shareholder Services for instructions.
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Q25: How do I remove a participant?

A25: EPIC gives you the option to deactivate a participant within the Roster screen. Inactive participants can easily be restored by following the prompts on the left side of the Roster screen. Please note: participants with no recent contribution history will be deactivated automatically by EPIC, and cannot be activated online. Please have the participants call Shareholder Services for instructions.
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Q26: When will the Information Sharing Reports be available?

A26: 403(b)/457 plan sponsors and authorized Third Party Administrators (TPAs) will have the ability to access Information Sharing Reports on a weekly basis. These reports will be available mid-week and will detail information from the previous week.
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Q27: While reviewing the Information Sharing Reports, I noticed a status of DNM*, what does DNM* mean?

A27: As a result of mail being marked undeliverable by the U.S. Postal Service with no forwarding address multiple times, that participant's accounts have been coded "Do Not Mail" and future mailings have been discontinued. Please have the participant contact their Registered Representative or call Shareholder Services.
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Q28: My company is the TPA for various 403(b)/457 plans, why am I not able to access all of our plans?

A28: Before a TPA gains EPIC access to a 403(b) or 457 plan, The transfer agent requires authorization from the employer that a relationship exists with the TPA. This authorization can be in many forms (i.e., hold harmless agreement, adoption agreement, plan document) and must contain the signature of an authorized representative of the 403(b)/457 employer. For additional information on authorization requirements, you may email us at
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Q29: How do I submit a Roth (Post-Tax) contribution?

A29: Participants with certain 403(b) accounts may need to make after tax contributions. The Roster screen has a column to allow this type of contribution. Simply enter the dollar amount for the participant under the column heading. If the participant does not have any underlying Roth fund accounts, or if the employer does not allow for this contribution type, the column will be gray, and contributions will not be able to be entered. Please have the participant contact his/her representative to establish a new fund account.
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Q30: How do I change the Contact Information for my plan?

A30: The Administrator or Authorized TPA may update the contact information of the plan (contact person, address, telephone number, email address) by making the appropriate updates to the fields located under the Contact Info tab. If the Administrator has further questions or has difficulties making updates, he/she can contact Shareholder Services for the paperwork requirements to update the plan.
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Shareholder Services Contact Information

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